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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we ship any sort of pet / animal ?

Yes, definitely, you can ship any kind of animal as long as it is acceptable to the origin / transit / destination country. Please make sure you contact us in the initial stage so that we can guide you well.

2. How my pet will travel ?

Your pet can travel via air and road depending upon the destination.

3. What is Pet Passport ?

Pet passport is basically the health record of your pet which includes basic information regarding your pet, his / her microchip details and vaccination records.

4. What is a microchip and is the insertion stressful or painful for my pet ?

A microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification and is about the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted under your pet’s skin by a veterinarian using a large bore needle without anaesthesia, similar to a simple vaccination.

5. Why is a microchip required ?

Microchipping is required to identify your pet using the unique identification no that is inserted in the form of microchip. It also works as proof of ownership. A lot countries for pet travel identify your pet by the “Unique Chip NO”.

6. Will my pet have sufficient space arrangement ?

Once we get the measurements of your pet, we provide / advise the right sized kennel where your pet can fit comfortably. We have IATA accredited kennels which will ensure your pet has enough space during transit. Your pet will able to move, sit and sleep comfortably.

7. Can we have access to pets while they are travelling ?

No, you cannot have access during the travel as entrance to the cargo area is prohibited.

8. Can we put any food, toys or any other material which is dear to our pet in the box ?

You can put a familiar item such as blanket or any toy inside the kennel. Food is attached to the kennel from outside.

9. In case of transportation through flight, can our pet travel on the same flight in which we are travelling ?

If you inform us before booking airlines we can check if there is any space available and if it has license to carry animals. If everything goes positive we will try to arrange the same flight for your pet.

10. What about feeding and watering pet during travel ?

Feeding is avoided during travel. Pets are supposed to be fed with light meals before their travel and even it is better that before the transport transition starts you can make your pet to defecate or urinate. Water bottle are attached to the kennel.

11. What is a Kennel or Crate and how to choose the right Kennel or crate for your pets ?

While travelling with your dog by air nowadays, both domestic and international airlines require you to possess IATA (International Air Transport Association) specified Crates. The dog crate is fabricated out of fibre having excellent strength to weight ratio. Wire steel windows of the crate provide better ventilation to the pet inside. Every crate comes with a food bowl which can be installed in the crate for feeding your pet.
The crate can also be used as kennels inside the house or in the garden.
The right size kennel is one in which your pet can lie down, stand and turn around. The Kennel should have four to five inches of additional head space when sitting or standing.

12. What are the required documents to relocate a pet ?

The required documentation varies from country to country however there are some common documents like vaccination books, health certificates etc. It is recommended that you get in touch with one of our expert pet relocator and they will guide you on the required documentation.

13. How much will this cost me ?

Prices vary as per certain parameters – place to transport, transport mode, size of kennel, paper work and permits etc. Depending upon your relocation requirement we will forward you the quotation.

14. Is it safe to transport pets on a plane?

Yes, transporting pets on a plane can be safe when following airline guidelines, preparing pets properly, and using appropriate travel crates. It's important to choose reputable airlines with dedicated pet programs and consult with a veterinarian beforehand. Taking these precautions helps ensure a safe and comfortable journey for pets.

15. Can my pets travel in same crate ?

No, it is generally not recommended for pets to travel collectively within the same crate. Each pet should have its own appropriately sized and well-ventilated crate to ensure their comfort and safety during transport. Traveling separately allows for better monitoring of each pet's well-being and reduces the risk of any potential conflicts or injuries that may arise from sharing a confined space. Additionally many airlines do not allow pets to travel together as their internal policies.

16. What happens if my Pet’s Flight is Delayed?

If your pet's flight is delayed, the airline typically has protocols in place to ensure their well-being. They will be kept in a secure and comfortable holding area, provided with food, water, and necessary care. It's important to stay in communication with the airline to receive updates on the delay and any arrangements made for your pet. Remain patient and trust that the airline will prioritize the safety and welfare of your furry friend during the delay.

17. How do I get pet travel quotes?

To get pet travel quotes, you can visit the quote section of our website - Provide details such as your pet's breed, size, destination, and desired travel dates in the given form. Our quote team will then offer you a customized quote based on your specific requirements and the services we provide.

18. Which airlines allow pets in India?

In India Air India, Akasa Airlines and SpiceJet are the airlines that allow pets to travel, following their respective policies and regulations.

19. Can I take my dog around the world?

Yes, you can take your dog around the world, but it will depend on the specific travel requirements and regulations of each country you plan to visit. Research and proper planning are essential to ensure a smooth and safe journey for your furry friend.

20. Is air travel stressful for dogs?

Air travel can be stressful for dogs due to the unfamiliar environment, noise, and confinement. Proper preparation and care can help alleviate their stress.

21. What is the safest way to transport your pet overseas?

The safest way to transport your pet overseas is by using a reputable pet transportation service that specializes in international travel. They will ensure compliance with regulations, handle all necessary paperwork, provide secure travel crates, and offer expert care throughout the journey. Consulting with professionals will help ensure the safest and most comfortable experience for your furry companion.

22. Is required my dog to have an annual check-up?

Yes, it is recommended to have your dog undergo an annual check-up with a veterinarian for their overall health and well-being.

23. Will someone give me updates when my pet is traveling?

Yes, most pet transportation services provide regular updates on your pet's travel status and well-being during the journey.

24. Is there the best time of year to transport my pet?

The best time to transport your pet can vary depending on various factors such as the destination, weather conditions, and specific travel requirements. It's advisable to consult with a pet transportation service or veterinarian who can provide guidance based on your pet's needs and the optimal time for safe and comfortable travel.